Soca Evolution 2-8-11

A show with some of the new tunes for 2011 Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago.


Reggae Evolution with DJ-RJ

KAZI 88.7 FM Austin Texas

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7-10 PM

2011 Soca:

Nnika Francis/ Carnival Again

Knycky Cordner/ Wuker

Shal Marshall/ Motorbike

Shurwayne Winchester/ Manic

Fire Empress/ Colors

Machel Montano/ Hard Wuk

Nadia Batson/ My Time

Patch/ Damn Phone 

Patrice Roberts/ Mas & Whining

Shal Marshall/ 3D Wine (feat Swappi)

Olatunji/ Designated Driver

Chucky/ Do Fuh Do

Benjai/ Time Will Never Tell2

Buhwamoder/ Bend Right Over

Cassi/ Town Ting

Chai/ Give It To Me

Chucky/ My Bad Thing



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