Kabaka Pyramid on The Artist Spotlight

Join me on Tuesday, June 19th on Austin’s Community Radio, KAZI 88.7 FM when I’ll be interviewing Kabaka Pyramid and featuring his debut album, Kontraband. Sista Irie will join me as co-host so I’m sure we’ll go deep.

One of my favorite lyrics from one of the singles, Borders that’s on the album reminds me why I still love reggae music so much!

Each Human Being

Deserves a place to call their own

Yet so many have to journey far from home

Little children in the darkness all alone

Seeking freedom

Its about time we break those borders down

There’s too much segregation

We’re all a part of one nation

We need to break those borders down

There’s Too Much Sufferation

We’re all one in creation

We’ll be streaming here: http://bit.ly/KAZIstream

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